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The story of Bespoke Bootmaker, Sir Olegario Mandujano Barajas, begins over 36 years and grows over three generations.


Mandujano Bootmakers 1960

October 2, 1964

October 2, 1964 :: Olegario Mandujano, future founder of Mandujano Boots is born in Leon, Guanajuato, Mexico . He is born in the family of shoemakers.


May 1978

Olegario Mandujano becomes a logistics driver for his older brother’s boot company. He distributes merchandise in all of western Mexico from Guanajuato to Durango Mexico.


Mandujano Bootmakers 1980


Olegario Mandujano begins to learn the bootmaking and distribution process and has thoughts of running his own business one day.


Olegario Mandujano meets Gema Leticia Rodriguez while she is vacationing in Leon Guanajuato, Mexico. They get married 1 year later.


Olegario Mandujano ventures out to create his own boot company. This risk re-shapes his legacy.
Mandujano Bootmakers 1984


Olegario Mandujano opens a small shop in Leon Guanajuato Mexico. Producing 20-30 pairs a week with 4 bootmakers.
Mandujano Bootmakers 1986


Olegario Mandujano’s small shop thrives and the demand for Mandujano boots accelerates. The production of exotic boots is in full effect. Producing 300-400 pairs weekly with 18 bootmakers and 3 delivery trucks Olegario Mandujano’s brand is taking off.


Olegario Mandujano is contracted by Zapateria 3 Hermanos and Casa Sanchez one of the most distinguished shoe stores in Mexico for their sale of quality footwear. These contracts increase Mandujano production close to 600 pairs weekly.



Severe recession occurred in the early 90s for Mexico. The crisis of the devalued peso and recession affects investors and manufactures. This includes Mandujano boots. A large amount of banks collapsed and the price of raw materials sky rocket. This forces Olegario Mandujano to decrease production and eventually cease all production and close Mandujano boots.

January 12, 1994

Olegario Mandujano emigrates to the United States of America. He arrives in Weslaco, Tx.

March 1994

Olegario Mandujano sells all machinery that was left in Mexico and begins to work in construction.

September 1994

Olegario Mandujano begins to scout ideas and the possibilities of re-opening Mandujano Boots in the U.S. He knows he cannot compete with production in the United States but is aware people in America value custom made art. He puts together a business plan and presents it to a bank.

January 3, 1995

With the funds he made from selling his machinery in Leon Guanajuato. Olegario Mandujano finds a small location at 229. S Texas Blvd Weslaco, Texas and re-opens Mandujano Boots.

January 4, 1995

Olegario Mandujano’s first customer Feliciana Salinas enters the store making Olegario’s first transaction for a shoe repair. (Cost of repair $1 dollar).

February 1995

Olegario Mandujano works on the first pairs of custom-made boots. He does repairs on shoes and boots during the day and works on custom made orders during the night as he and Gema Mandujano are the only employees at the time.

June 1997

Ramon Ayala Mexican musician, composer and songwriter of Norteño music purchases custom boots for himself and his team Los Bravos del Norte.

January 1998

Olegario Mandujano starts making boot for the Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas Rangers and Chiefs of Police across Hidalgo County.

February 1999

Hidalgo County Judge Eloy Pulido purchases several pairs of custom boots from Mandujano Boots.


December 11, 2001

Olegario Mandujano is interviewed an article titled “Craftsman creates boots by hand” runs in the newspaper The Monitor.

December 16, 2001

Olegario Mandujano is interviewed a second time and an article titled “Bootmaker stays one step ahead” runs in the newspaper The Brownsville Herald.

December 19, 2001

Olegario Mandujano is interviewed an article titled “Craftsman creates boots by hand” runs in the newspaper The Monitor.

May 2003

Mandujano Boots is thriving and Olegario Mandujano’s new customer list increases as he starts to meet and greet with law enforcement, lawyers and ranchers all over south Texas.

February 2004

Olegario Mandujano begins to scout the possibilities of expanding their small shop as his customers increase.

January 2005

Olegario Mandujano finds a location in the busy intersection of Texas Blvd in Weslaco Tx. His plans are to renovate the location.

December 2005

Olegario Mandujano receives a call from the fire marshal, Mandujano boots catches fire due to old insulated wire and about 60 percent of the store and merchandise is ruined.

March 2006

The construction for Mandujano boots new home is running for the second time.

April 2006

Olegario Mandujano becomes ill and forces sons Andres and Olegario Mandujano II to start running the family business.

September 2006

Olegario Mandujano returns in time for the completion of Mandujano boots. One week later the business is renamed to Mandujano Western Boots.

October 2006

Gema Mandujano becomes the brand image of Mandujano Western Boots.

October 2006

Olegario Mandujano along with his sons Andres and Olegario Mandujano II.

May 2007

Olegario Mandujano becomes ill for the second time and steps down. Andres and Olegario Mandujano II are assigned to take over in his absence. Olegario Mandujano is on a waiting list to receive a organ transplant.

December 2007

The Mandujano family received the greatest Christmas gift as Olegario Mandujano receives a call and is ready for his transplant.

June 2008

As Olegario Mandujano recovers, Andres Mandujano is interviewed and an article titled “BOOTMAKERS CARRY ON SOLEFUL TRADITION IN THE MID-VALLEY” runs in the newspaper The Monitor.

March 2009

A photo of Olegario Mandujano. “Take one for the books” – Olegario Mandujano


April 2010

Mandujano founder Olegario, becomes ill and dies at his home in Weslaco Tx. Sons Andres and Olegario take over the business.

January 2011

Andres and Olegario Mandujano exectue the plan of Mandujano founder had in place. “The purchase of new machinery to speed up the bootmaking process.


Andres and Olegario Mandujano purchase their very fist “inseamer” . The purchase of this machine will cut hand sewing time from 30 min to sewing the leather welt to 30 seconds.



Andres and Olegario Mandujano rename Mandujano Western boots to Mandujano Bootmaker in memory of Mandujano founder Olegario Mandujano Sr.

February 2018

Mandujano Bootmaker is exhibited in the Museum of South Texas History and RGV bootmakers.

May 2018

Due to the increase demand for out of town trunk shows. Andres and Olegario Mandujano adds a 7×16 enclosed trailer to the business.

October 2019

Olegario Mandujano II is interviewed by CBS 4 news.

December 2019

Mandujano Bootmaker is featured in Texas Monthly December edition. Andres and Olegario Mandujano II are added as the new master bootmakers of Texas.