Boot Anatomy



Mandujano warrants its products against manufacturer’s defects in workmanship and materials for up to one year after the purchase date. The warranty does not cover any damage due to excessive wear, abuse, or damage from external objects. If your Mandujano product has a defect and is under warranty, Mandujano will repair or replace it. Mandujano products under warranty will be replaced or repaired by Mandujano craftsmen from materials of equal quality within 60 days of receipt of the product. Due to Mandujano unique components, any work performed on your item other than Mandujano skilled craftsmen will render the warranty null and void.

Mandujano Fit

Mandujano Bootmaker unique techniques are used to craft handmade boots to a great fit, comfort and style. Mandujano Boots are hand lasted and each pair of boot differs.Over time with more wear, the leather on the boots, mold to the contours of the foot, personalizing both boot and fit.

How to try on a Cowboy boot

  1. Sit.
  2. Put both of your fingers through the pull straps and insert your foot into the boot.
  3. Keep the heel on the ground, stand and use your body weight to get your foot into the boot. *Note: You will feel minor resistance as you try to pull the boot on.
  4. As your foot sinks into the boot, listen for an audible “thump”.
  5. Walk around and feel the fit of the boot.

How should a Mandujano Boot Fit?

  1. The ball of your foot should be in the widest part of the boot.
  2. You should have a snug fit across the instep.
  3. The leather insoles and outsoles are designed to mold the shape of your foot over time.
  4. They will feel rigid when you first put on your boots.
  5. Your heel will slip off about ½ an inch. This slip will go away as your boots break in.
  6. Give them some time, over time your boots will feel like a glove.